One of the simplest ways to clear yourself  of old stale thoughts is through yogic cleansing breaths. The exhalation is the thing. You focus on  breathing out and let the inhalation take care of itself. As you exhale, you let go of all the mental rubbish and blow it out, along with all with stale air. These breathing exercises work on two levels: on a physical level, the more stale air you expel out of the lungs, the more fresh air you take in on your next new breath. On a mental level, the more stale thoughts you expel out of the mind, the fresher your view of life when you take in the next breath.

The ‘Ha’ Cleansing Breath:  

Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Inhaling, take both arms up to shoulder height and up over the head. Exhaling, bend the knees and then bending from the hips, throw your arms through your legs making a forceful ‘Ha’ sound. Imagine that you are chopping wood and every time, your ‘axe’ hits the wood you throw out all the staleness with the breath. Continue for 12 breaths.

CAUTION: Do not practice this exercise if you suffer from High Blood Pressure or from Heart problems.