Welcome to just do yoga – a guide on how to practise yoga at home. My name is Orla Dynes and I live near Mullingar in the heart of  Ireland. I have been teaching yoga for 9 years and during that time many of my students have asked me to recommend books, CD’s and DVD’s to help them practice yoga at home. I always say, “go home, make yourself a cup of tea and write down what we did in the class.That is what you practice.” But even though they have the best of intentions, most people just don’t get around to doing this. However, in order to make progress on the path of yoga, you have to take the system out of the class and into your life. Hence, this blog. I hope it will give students who are starting out in yoga a bit of extra help. We all need maps and signposts to navigate our way through uncharted territory and hopefully, you will get whatever you need here to help you in your yoga practice. I will write one post every week covering the following topics: breathing, yoga positions, and other aspects of yoga.

I hope that just do yoga will become your new motto in life. My teacher’s teacher used to say, “if your leg is broken, you do yoga. If your heart is broken you do yoga.” No matter what is going on your life, just do yoga. It will always help. Even if you can’t stand on your head or twist yourself up like a pretzel, you can always just breathe. And breathing is the heart of yoga, the link between the body and the mind. When the body, the breath and the mind are in harmony, the soul can awaken. There is nothing more important. Slan agus beannacht! (Health and blessings)